Of New Beginnings and Sometimes

I just saw the movie Begin Again, and first off, let me say that I loved it. It was a beautiful look at art and creativity, at relationships and brokenness, at second chances and new beginnings.  Also it happens to contain some beautiful music. Go see it.

begin again

I’ve been thinking about new beginnings a lot, which shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise since I did just drop out of a Ph.D. program to try to make it as a full-time writer. (If you’re just tuning in, you did read that right.) I think the beautiful, as well as terrifying, thing about new beginnings is that they are occurring ALL THE TIME. In some ways, I have been so liberated by moving to new places, meeting new people, picking up my life and starting it somewhere else; in other ways, I am always leaving so much behind, as I suppose we all are.

But even though new beginnings can come in the form of new jobs, new cities, new relationships, or even just new stages in your life, I think sometimes it’s just as hard to wake up every day and begin, again. Excuse a moment of hokey-ness as I say that of course, every new day holds promise and possibility.


Every new day also holds pain and disappointment and regret, and sometimes the negatives far outweigh the positives of getting out of bed and starting everything again. Maybe art is the only thing that gets you out of bed. Sometimes, art– yours or someone else’s– is the only thing in which you find refuge; and sometimes, in the worst of times, maybe you cannot even find solace in that. And perhaps today, you won’t, and perhaps today, I won’t either. But as my beloved Scarlett O’Hara would say, “After all, tomorrow is another day.”

And sometimes, that’s all we can count on to keep us going. And sometimes, that’s enough.