Of Introverts and Explanations

Okay, so obviously my grand plans to post regularly, following my initial brief hiatus, rather fell through. Since the initial purpose of my blog was to help me muddle through my decision making about whether to stay in or leave my PhD program, and that decision has long since been made, I’ve been muddling since then through what I’d like to actually post about. So, forget consistent themes, and enter random thoughts.

Even though today is Saturday, the one day when I try to sleep in, I woke up early today. And why? So I could spend the day gloriously alone. Shout out to all my fellow introverts.

I’ve been bouncing around for the past few months, crashing with various people in various places because (quite frankly) I can, and why not take advantage of that at the moment. However, that has also made it impossible to have more than a few hours of time purely to myself. Whenever I take the Myers-Briggs personality test, I always max out the introvert scale. A few hours alone is not enough for this girl, nor is a full day by myself at a library or coffeeshop. If there is another person in sight, I am unable to fully unwind.

I’m not anti-social, just selectively social. Being an introvert also doesn’t mean I’m painfully shy or despise people, parties, and being public in general.  But for those of you who don’t understand what introverts are all about, and since there is a lot of misinformation about us circling around the great interwebs, let me give you a helpful list, which may or may not apply in different degrees to other introverts. Being an introvert, for me, means:

1. Just because I will happily talk to the people around me in a check-out line for the two minutes we’re waiting, does not mean I also want to talk to my hairdresser for the entire thirty-plus minutes I’m in her chair.


2. I am just as excited about an entire week of vacation where I get to stay at home and not leave the house once (because I had enough foresight to buy groceries and all possible emergency supplies the week before), as I am about a vacation to the UK.


3. If you make any sort of comment about how reserved, quiet, or shy I must be, this is my reaction:


4. If I have to go more than one week without a day entirely to myself, I get irrationally angry.


5. If I have been quiet for a while in a group but then decide to say something, and your reaction is to say, “Oh look, it speaks,” guess how amusing I think that is.


6. Okay, so five seems like more than an adequate number of things to describe my introversion. Therefore, I’m done. Now if you’ll excuse me, I am very busy being alone and listening to my own thoughts today. Hannah, out.